Friday, June 24, 2005

The Lighter Side of the Darwinian Struggle

While we're waiting for the Smithsonian's next act of comic genius, here are a couple of parodies to tide us over:

Seth's Free Help for Critics
"Keeping in mind that the most vocal critics to this point have neither read the book [Priviledged Planet] nor seen the movie, Discovery's Seth Cooper decided to help out by drafting a few form letters critics can send to newspaper editors"
The Burning Panda's Best Arguments Against ID
"The Burning Panda is a new [and very short lived] blog, which, although assuring us that 'no actual panda’s were harmed for any of the content on this site', seems intent on tweaking the noses of certain ID critics. They’re launching with a humorous compilation of the best arguments against intelligent design." The link is to a copy of the document from the now defunct site.

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