Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anniversary and Explanation

Today is the first anniversary of this weblog. (Huzzah!)

I suppose this is as good a time as any for some awkward business. It has taken me the better part of this year to realize that the name Meta-jester hinders communication of the blog's spirit. This isn't a humor site, after all.

But even more this past, very expensive year of life has bought me a new level of maturity and seriousness. In youth it is much easier to value ironic detachment, but as we get older, we come to realize the gravity of words.

That in short is why I thought it necessary to change my "handle."

The new name isn't completely serious either, but at least the first impression is serious (or at least ambiguous)... something in the tradition of Samuel Clemens's "Mark Twain."


mjmcdonald said...

Congratulations on your first year of mass communicatin'.
I'm trying to figure out the name 'Lawrence Gage.' All
I can think of is phycist Ernest Lawrence and gauges from
field theory. Did Lawrence develop a certain sort of Gauge?
It would fit the pattern of Clemens' 'Mark Twain' which is
a termfrom riverboating

CrimsonCatholic said...

Congrats! I've really enjoyed your work both here and elsewhere, and I hope you can keep it up. Speaking as a former physics student (I quit after my master's to practice patent law instead), I like the new handle. It captures perfectly the painful sense of pun that governs much of scientific nomenclature.

In line with the reinforced theme of the website, I commend to you the work of the Catholic philosopher Xavier Zubiri, in whom I think you might find a kindred spirit.

CrimsonCatholic said...

Oh, and mjm, you're on the right track. Lawrence sounds like Lorentz.

mjmcdonald said...

Thanks. It registered eventually, with a litttle tap on the forehead from Lawrence himself. Like Barliman Butterbur, I can see through a brick wall, if given time. After I hit it, usually.