Friday, June 10, 2005

Adult Stem Cells (Not) in the News

Superb discussion and analysis of why embryonic stem cells are so much more in the news than the vastly more medically successful adult stem cells:

Why the Media Miss the Stem-Cell Story by Michael Fumento

Thanks to Secondhand Smoke

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MarleyS said...

There is cosmological significance, regarding man's anthropology.
That the universe is ever-expanding is an absolute.
But man's humanity is fragile.

Any religion disguised as science would back into "the greatest problem
of mankind, life or death" (John XXIII).

Everyone must die.

Computer is a Latin word meaning "think together." Com- -putare
What each thinks and who each person really has taken some by surprise,
and not always on safe grounds.

I liked your quote. Is it original?