Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Michael F. Flynn, RIP

Alas, science fiction novelist Michael F. Flynn passed to his eternal reward on September 30. His daughter announced it through his blog on Sunday.

Ed Feser has a fitting, heartfelt tribute on his blog. For my part I can only say a couple words. I appreciated Michael's comments on this, my irregular blog. As you can see from his comments on my last post, he was an insightful commentator with a breadth of knowledge. I was blessed to have met him in person at the Society of Catholic Scientists conference a few years ago, where he received an award (link to his talk). I like to think I had a part in his presence there, as I'd recommended to Steve Barr Michael's book Eifelheim when Steve spoke at MIT on the subject of the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence.

I'm praying for him and I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers. Michael Flynn, requiescat in pace!