Friday, December 23, 2005

The Schonborn Saga

At last the semester is complete! Now I have some time... for the Christmas rush. Despite my desire to write a more in-depth analyis, I will have to be satisfied with merely pointing you to the latest exchange in the Schönborn offensive on evolution and design:

Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, "The Designs of Science," First Things 159 (January 2006): 34-38.

The piece addresses Steve Barr's response in FT to Schönborn's controversial New York Times op-ed this summer:

Stephen M. Barr, The Design of Evolution," First Things 156 (October 2005): 9-12.

Also interesting are the Cardinal's Vienna catecheses on creation:

Recent posts on this general topic:


Schonborn Site said...

people might also catch up on the debate by checking the site/blog I run on Cardinal Schonborn.


Lawrence Gage said...

Thanks! I didn't know about your site. You're welcome to post the URL.

Here it is for everyone's convenience: