Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independent Thinking

The Albino Blacksheep site consists mostly of clever Flash animations, which are morally a grab bag ranging from the innocent to the (sometimes) rather perverse. Nevertheless this recent short feature is a jewel:


This is a further sign that, despite being completely morally confused, the younger generation doesn't adhere to all the self-destructive dogmas of their parents; they definitely believe in preserving the lives of their unborn sisters and brothers. But what would you expect when a third of their numbers have been successfully wiped out by the older generation since 1973? (Talk about generational warfare!)

The first God-given right enumerated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence is the right to life. If your life can be taken arbitrarily, your right to free speech, your right to "sexual expression" or to whatever you can name is empty words. Without the right to life, no other right has meaning.

Another ABS short with a similar theme: Engineered

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