Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Unusual Allies

I haven't discussed Intelligent Design here yet, and will have to at some point. From the "News of the unexpected" department, here's an entertaining press release I just ran across:

Intelligent Design is a valid scientific theory!

Raelian Ph.D. scientists are welcoming invitations to talk to students about this alternative theory like it is done in the small town of Dover in York County, Pennsylvania, today at the center of an argument on the origins of mankind.

Las Vegas, February 14th, 2005

Dr. Boisselier, spokesperson of the Raelian Scientist Association issued the following statement today: “Raelians are atheists defending intelligent design and they devote their lives to science and rationality. We believe it should be a matter of policy to train and educate students to be open-minded, to exercise critical thinking and to challenge all theories with scientific rigor. Intelligent Design does not mean creation by a supernatural god. This is a widespread misunderstanding that equates the Intelligent Design (ID) Theory with a supernatural creation.

They're right that ID in itself doesn't necessarily mean creation by a supernatural god. ID is a scientific theory. Only philosophy can carry reason beyond modern science to the existence of an Omnipotent Creator. Still, one has to wonder how these people can seriously posit our creation at the hands of extraterrestrials without wondering who made the extraterrestrials. One cannot regress infinitely.

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