Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Summers' Furies

Surprise, surprise. Contrary to the conventional expectation expressed here two days ago, the Aardvark U faculty voted against President Lawrence Summers yesterday (thanks to Justin Torres of The Fact Is):

Voting by secret ballot in a Faculty meeting at the Loeb Drama Center, 218 faculty members affirmed a motion put on the docket by Professor of Anthropology and of African and African American Studies J. Lorand Matory ’82, stating that “the Faculty lacks confidence in the leadership of Lawrence H. Summers.” One hundred eighty-five voted against and 18 abstained from the motion, which was tantamount to a vote of no confidence. (The Crimson, March 16, 2005)

So, 218-185-18. How these numbers compare to the unscientific poll results published in the Crimson February 22:

 Mar 15 VoteFeb 22 Poll

Yay = No confidence
Nay = Confidence
Abs = Abstain/No opinion

The no-confidence vote actually matches more closely the poll's findings of the disapproval of Summers' leadership: 52%-40%-8%.

I must apologize for the rough nature of my recent posts. Unfortunately my new workplace has blocked the site for creating and editing posts (not to mention that I have work to do now!), so I can't futz around interminably with the details as I did before.

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