Monday, March 17, 2008

ISN Summer Seminar

Work's kept me too busy to post lately, but I thought I'd let you know about this notice I received about the Institute for the Study of Nature's Summer Seminar this June 9-14 at MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts):

Dear friend of the ISN:

The Institute for the Study of Nature is pleased to announce its second annual Summer Seminar and Conference to be held June 9-14 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge , Massachusetts . The theme this year is “Who Won the Scientific Revolution?”.

I am sure you appreciate how important it is to all human endeavors to think correctly about the natural world. Every day we read in the headlines of some new “revolutionary” finding of “science” that claims to throw into doubt some seemingly obvious facet of life, like the fact that we have free will or can know truth. Is scientific knowledge really capable of up-ending ideas that seem clear from everyday experience? Or are we really hearing as “scientific truths” various kinds of poor philosophical interpretations of scientific data? Is measurement the only valid road to reality?

As modern science continues to grow in influence and reach, it becomes increasingly critical to propose to young scholars important ideas about the natural world that fall outside today’s narrow-minded academic orthodoxy.

We ask your help in directing this information to anyone who might be interested, most especially graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the sciences and in engineering. Please consider forwarding to your contacts this note along with the attached PDF file [see website] describing this year’s seminar program. The document includes a tentative schedule of the curriculum, practical information about how to attend, and the application form. This information is also available on our website at

Thank you for your help in spreading word about the Institute for the Study of Nature’s Summer Seminar and Conference!


John W. Keck
Institute for the Study of Nature

(Dr. Keck's also apparently set up a Facebook event.)

If it's anything like last year's seminar, it's an occasion anyone with an interest in science or nature will regret missing.

Hope you're having a good Holy Week!

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