Thursday, November 17, 2011

Science & Faith Conference

Franciscan University is holding a conference on "Can Science Inform Our Understanding of God?" Friday, December 2 through Saturday, December 3. Dan Kuebler is one of the organizers.

Lots of prominent speakers, including:

  • Edward Feser
  • William E. Carroll
  • Benjamin Wiker
  • Mark Ryland
  • Steve Barr


  • What is the precise relationship between faith and reason?
  • What is the status of the Intelligent Design movement?
  • What are the uses and abuses of scientific investigations?
  • Where lie the boundaries between science, philosophy, and theology?
  • What role do philosophical and theological positions have in scientific explorations?

Of course, it's taking place in Steubenville, OH, about an hour west of Pittsburgh.


John Farrell said...
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John Farrell said...

If I drive from Boston, I can be there in just 9 hours. Tempting!